Abia State

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Abia State
state of Nigeria
Inception27 August 1991 Chenj-am
Official nameAbia Chenj-am
Native labelAbia Chenj-am
Official languageEnglish langwej Chenj-am
ContinentAfrica Chenj-am
KontriNaija Chenj-am
CapitalUmuahia Chenj-am
Located in the administrative territorial entityNaija Chenj-am
Coordinate location5°25′0″N 7°30′0″E Chenj-am
Office held by head of governmentGovernor of Abia State Chenj-am
Executive bodyExecutive Council of Abia State Chenj-am
Legislative bodyAbia State House of Assembly Chenj-am
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Chenj-am
Owner ofEnyimba International F.C., Abia Warriors F.C. Chenj-am
ReplacesImo State Chenj-am
Language usedAnaang, Ibuoro, Ibibio, Itu Mbon Uzo, Nkari Chenj-am
Postal code440001 Chenj-am
Official websitehttp://www.abiastate.gov.ng/ Chenj-am
Economy of topiceconomy of Abia State Chenj-am
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Abia State, Nigeria Chenj-am

Abia State na a Stet wey dey Saunt-East jiopolitikal zone of Naija. Di Stet na one of the 36 Stet for Naija and di kapita na Umuahia.Di ples wey Bizness dey pass na Aba for di Stet. Di state slogan na "God's Own State" and di governor of di state na Okezie Ikpeazu.Di Stet wey dey di North side an NorthEast of Abia Stet na Enugu Stet, an Ebonyi Stet.Di Stet wey dey for west side of Abia Stet na Imo Stet an Kross Riva Stey dey di East pat of Abia Stet.Na Rivas Stet dey di South of di Stet an Akwa Ibom Stet dey di Southeast. Di wod ABIA kom fom di ples inside Abia Stet wey pipul plenti pass. Di A stand for Aba, Di B stand for Bende, Di I stand for Isuikwuato an di A stand for Afikpo. Na Abia Stet bi di nomba 32 stet wey big pass among all di Stet wey dey Naija an if we dey tok abaut Stet wey pipul plenti for Naija, Abia Stet kari nomba 27.Abia Stet get ova 3,720,000 as of 2016.Jiografikali, di Stet divide into two, di "Niger Delta Swamp forest" an di dry "'Crosss-Niger transition Forest" wit som Savana for di rest of the Stet. Many tribe-dem don stey an liv for Abia Stet, but for now na Igbo pipul dey liv for Abia Stet.Bifor di Oyingbo pupil kom Naija, Abia Stet dey pat of Arochukwu-based Aro Union bifor di British souja fight di Arọ grup kom win Dem in 1900s.Wen di Oyingbo win di war finish, dey kom add di aria to Souta Naija wey dey go dey kontrol as pat of Naija. Abia Stet giv di Oyingbo pupil dem wahala biko dey no wan stey onda dem an di korse Wumen war wey hapun stat for Oloko. Wen Naija free from Oyingbo in 1960, Dey kari Abia Stet join di Easta Rijion onti 1967 bifor dey kom add am to East Sentral Rijion.E no rush two month leta, Abia Stet pipul join di three years Naija Sivul war as Abia pipul tok sey dey komot from Naija go join Biafra Reploblik.Wen di War end, dey kom join Abia Stet bak to Stet wey dey Naija bak ontil 1976 wen forma Presidor Murtala Muhammed era wen dey kom komot Imo Stet fom Ábíá Stet. Na petrol bizness, gas wit Agrikolshor like yam, maize, kasava, taro, red ooye dey bring Abia Stet moni.Anoda small aria wey dey giv Abia Stet moni na to dey mek tins wey pupil fit yuz an dis one plenti for Aba. For Stet wey dey du di best for tins to beta for Naija in edukeshon, wok an dey wey e Stet dey hep e pipul-dem, Abia Stet kari nomba Eight posishion

Di aria wey Abia Stet dey[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Di land wey Abia Stet get na 6,320 square kilomitas. Di Stet wey dey di North side an NorthEast of Abia Stet na Enugu Stet, an Ebonyi Stet.Di Stet wey dey for west side of Abia Stet na Imo Stet an Kross Riva Stey dey di East pat of Abia Stet.Na Rivas Stet dey di South of di Stet an Akwa Ibom Stet dey di Southeast. Di pat of Abia Stet wey dey south dey hey rain of 2,400 milimitas per years an rain dey plenti for April an October for di Stet.Di Rivas wey dey popula pass for di ples na Imo rivas an Aba rivas an dey flow enta Atlantik Osuhon for Akwa Ibom Stet.

Tori abaut Abia Stet an e populashion[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Abia Stet na one of di 36 stet wey dey Naija an di Stet get 17 lokal govament aria out of di 774 lokal govament aria wey dey Naija.Na for August 27, 1991 dey kret Abia stet.Na Jeneral Ibrahim Babangida rijim time na e dey kret am.Di Stet dey South-Easta pat of Naija.Na for inside Imo Stet dey tek komot Abia Stet. Di Stet dey amog di Stet wey mek-up Niger Delta rijion.Umuahia bi di kapital of Abia Stet.Na Aba for Abia Stet Bizness dey hapun pass for di Stet. Di nik nem of Abia Stet na "Stet wey bi dey na God get am". Di fest leta for di four ples for di Stet wey pipul plenti pass mek-up di nem ABIA dey bi Aba, Bende, Isuiwuato, Afikpo.If pesin divadi pipul wey dey Abia Stet into one hundred, ninety five of dem go bi Igbo pipul.Na Igbo langwej Abia pupil dey spik pass but dem dey spik Inglish too for bizness an govament mata. Pipul wey bi kristen for Abia pass 7 million.

Nashoral risoses wey dey Abia Stet[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

  • Gold
  • Lead/Zinc
  • Limestone
  • Oil/gas
  • Salt
  • Kaolin
  • Limestone

Yunivasiti an kolej for Abia Stet[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Abia Stet get six yunivasiti an dey bi:

  1. Michael Okpara Yunivasiti of Agrikolshor wey dey Umudike
  2. Abia Stet yunivasiti wey dey Uturu
  3. Rhema Yunivasiti wey dey Aba
  4. Spiritan Yunivasiti wey dey Umu Nneochi
  5. Clifford Yunivasiti wey dey Owerrinta
  6. Gregory Yunivasiti wey dey Uturu +dis one na pravate yunivasiti).

Abia Stet get Abia Stet kolej of Edukeshion (teknikal) wey dey Arochukwu. Dey get Abia Stet kolej of Health Sayens an Manejiment Tekinoloji wey dey Aba. Temple Gate Polytechnic dey Aba too

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]