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Rivers State

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Rivers State na one of di 36 state for Naija. Di governor of di state na Nyesom Wike.

River state, also Rivers na one state for di Niger Delta region of Southern Nigeria. Na for 1967 dem form River State wen dem divide am from di eastern region, River state dey share border wit Imo and Abia States from dia north side, Akwa Ibom State from east, and Bayelsa and Delta states from di west. Port Harcourt na di state capital and na also di commercial center of Nigeria oil industry.

With population of 5,198,716 according to di 2006 censors, River state na the 6th most populous state for Naija.

River state na home for many ethnic groups with igbo or igboid as the people wey many pass but dem also get other ethnic groups like ogoin and Ijaw.

River State as dem call am becos of di plenty river wey dey di area bin dey part of oil Rivers protectorates from 1885 to 1893 wey e come later be part of Niger Coast Protectorate. For 1900, dem join di region with chartered territories of Royal Niger Company wey form di colony of Southern Nigeria. For 1996 River State loose one territory wey come present day Bayelsa.

River State dey for di southern part of Nigeria, and also for di eastern part Niger Delta and e expand reach di oceanward extension of Benue Trough. Wetin oyinbo call tropical rainforest plenty inside di state and for di area. River State get 11,077km² (4,277sq mi) as e total area and day one make am di 26th largest state for Nigeria. States like Imo, Abia and Anambra surround am from di north side, Bayelsa and Delta follow from di west side why Akwa Ibom sef join from east side. Atlantic Ocean na im take the southern part.

Ogoni Climate activists and others in Port Harcourt protesting environmental degradation in 2015.

Rainfall is generally seasonal, variable, as well as heavy, and occurs between the months of March and October through November. The wet season peaks in July, lasting more than 290 days. The only dry months are January and February having little to no effect.

The inland part of the state consists of tropical rainforest, and towards the coast, the typical Niger Delta environment features many mangrove swamps. Rivers State has a total area of 11,077 km2 (4,277 sq mi), making it the 26th largest state in Nigeria. Surrounding states are Imo, Abia and Anambra to the north, Akwa Ibom to the east and Bayelsa, Delta to the west. On the south, it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Its topography]ranges from flat plains, with a network of rivers to tributaries.