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English langwej

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English langwej
natural language, modern language, language
Subclass ofAnglic Chenj-am
Native labelEnglish Chenj-am
IPA transcriptionˈeɪŋɡlɪʃ, ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ Chenj-am
Named afterEngland Chenj-am
Indigenous toEngland Chenj-am
Influenced byFrench, Vulgar Latin, Germanic, Greek, Old Danish Chenj-am
Linguistic typologysubject–verb–object, nominative–accusative language, stress-timed language, place–manner–time, fusional language Chenj-am
Has grammatical casegenitive case, nominative case, oblique case Chenj-am
Has grammatical moodindicative, subjunctive, interrogative Chenj-am
Has grammatical gendermasculine, feminine, neuter Chenj-am
Writing systemLatin script, English orthography Chenj-am
Language regulatory bodyno value Chenj-am
Signed formmanually coded English Chenj-am
UNESCO language status1 safe Chenj-am
Ethnologue language status1 National Chenj-am
Studied inEnglish studies Chenj-am
Described at URLhttps://afbo.info/languages/64 Chenj-am
History of topichistory of English Chenj-am
Related categoryCategory:English pronunciation Chenj-am
Entry in abbreviations tableангл. Chenj-am
PyPI trove classifierNatural Language :: English Chenj-am
Stack Exchange site URLhttps://english.stackexchange.com Chenj-am
Stack Exchange taghttps://linguistics.stackexchange.com/tags/english Chenj-am
Wikimedia language codeen Chenj-am
Opposite ofnon-English Chenj-am

English na langwej wey start for Anglo-Saxon England. E bin get origin from Anglo-Frisian an Old Saxon dialects. Now, English don dey use as global langwej. Dem get about 375 million people wey dey speak am as dia first langwej for the world.

English na di onli offishul langwej or one of di offishul langwejes of nearly 60 kontris. E dey also be di main langwej of pass more kontris for di worl dan any oda langwej. E be di main langwej for United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. E be one of di offishul langwejes for Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and South Africa. People wey sabi English full ground for some part of Caribbean, Africa and South Asia.

For 2005, dem estimate say over 2 billion pipul dey wey sabi speak English.[4] English na di first foreign langwej wey most learners wey get anoda main langwej dey learn. E be official langwej for United Nations, European Union, and plenti oda international oganizations. English na di most widely-spoken Germanic langwej, with at least 70% of Germanic speakers dey sabi English. About 220 million oda pipul dey use am as their second langwej. E dey important well well for science, technology, work, travel, and trade, and at least one billion pipul dey learn am. All dese things combine make English the largest langwej by number of speakers.