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republic, sovereign state, landlocked country, country
Part ofSouthern Africa, East Africa Chenj-am
Inception18 April 1980 Chenj-am
Official nameZimbabwe, Zimbabwe, République du Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Native labelZimbabwe Chenj-am
Short name🇿🇼 Chenj-am
Participant inKivu conflict Chenj-am
Named afterGreat Zimbabwe Chenj-am
AnthemNational Anthem of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Cultureculture of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Motto textUnity, Freedom, Work, Unitat, llibertat, treball, Undeb, Rhyddid, Gwaith Chenj-am
ContinentAfrica Chenj-am
KontriZimbabwe Chenj-am
CapitalHarare Chenj-am
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00, Africa/Harare Chenj-am
Coordinate location19°0′0″S 30°0′0″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of easternmost point19°46′35″S 33°3′45″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of northernmost point15°36′41″S 29°49′25″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of southernmost point22°25′15″S 31°18′33″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of westernmost point17°54′34″S 25°14′14″E Chenj-am
Highest pointMount Nyangani Chenj-am
Lowest pointRunde River Chenj-am
Office held by head of statePresident of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Head of stateEmmerson Mnangagwa Chenj-am
Office held by head of governmentPresident of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Head of governmentEmmerson Mnangagwa Chenj-am
Legislative bodyParliament of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Central bankReserve Bank of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
CurrencyUnited States dollar Chenj-am
Shares border withZambia, Mozambique, Saut Afrika, Botswana Chenj-am
Driving sideleft Chenj-am
Electrical plug typeAC power plugs and sockets: British and related types, BS 1363 Chenj-am
ReplacesSouthern Rhodesia Chenj-am
Studied inZimbabwean studies Chenj-am
Official websitehttp://www.parlzim.gov.zw/ Chenj-am
HashtagZimbabwe Chenj-am
Top-level Internet domain.zw Chenj-am
Flagflag of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Coat of armscoat of arms of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Geography of topicgeography of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Has characteristicpartly free country Chenj-am
History of topichistory of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Railway traffic sideleft Chenj-am
Economy of topiceconomy of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Demographics of topicdemographics of Zimbabwe Chenj-am
Mobile country code648 Chenj-am
Country calling code+263 Chenj-am
Emergency phone number999, 994, 995, 993 Chenj-am
Licence plate codeZW Chenj-am
Maritime identification digits679 Chenj-am
Unicode character🇿🇼 Chenj-am
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Zimbabwe Chenj-am

Zimbabwe na kontri for Afrika.