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sovereign state, country
Part ofMiddle Africa Chenj-am
Inception25 August 1992 Chenj-am
Native labelRepública de Angola, Angola Chenj-am
Short name🇦🇴 Chenj-am
E pipulOvimbundu people, Mbundu people, Kongo people, Mestiço, European people Chenj-am
Participant inKivu conflict Chenj-am
Official languagePortuguese Chenj-am
AnthemAngola Avante Chenj-am
Cultureculture of Angola Chenj-am
MottoQ102185417 Chenj-am
Motto textVirtus Unita Fortior Chenj-am
ContinentAfrica Chenj-am
KontriAngola Chenj-am
CapitalLuanda Chenj-am
Located in or next to body of waterAtlantic Ocean Chenj-am
Coordinate location12°21′0″S 17°21′0″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of easternmost point13°0′3″S 24°3′29″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of northernmost point4°22′12″S 12°45′0″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of southernmost point18°2′19″S 20°49′32″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of westernmost point16°35′0″S 11°42′0″E Chenj-am
Highest pointMount Moco Chenj-am
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean Chenj-am
Basic form of governmentrepublic, presidential system Chenj-am
Office held by head of statePresident of Angola Chenj-am
Head of stateJoão Lourenço Chenj-am
Office held by head of governmentPresident of Angola Chenj-am
Head of governmentJoão Lourenço Chenj-am
Legislative bodyNational Assembly Chenj-am
Central bankNational Bank of Angola Chenj-am
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00, Africa/Luanda Chenj-am
Currencykwanza Chenj-am
Shares border withNamibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Republic of the Congo, Gabon Chenj-am
Studied byAngolan studies Chenj-am
Driving sideright Chenj-am
Electrical plug typeEuroplug Chenj-am
ReplacesPeople's Republic of Angola Chenj-am
Official website Chenj-am
HashtagAngola Chenj-am
Top-level Internet Chenj-am
Flagflag of Angola Chenj-am
Coat of armsEmblem of Angola Chenj-am
Has qualitynot-free country Chenj-am
Geography of topicgeography of Angola Chenj-am
History of topichistory of Angola Chenj-am
Economy of topiceconomy of Angola Chenj-am
Demographics of topicdemographics of Angola Chenj-am
Mobile country code631 Chenj-am
Country calling code+244 Chenj-am
Trunk prefixno value Chenj-am
Emergency phone number113, 115, 116 Chenj-am
Maritime identification digits603 Chenj-am
Unicode character🇦🇴 Chenj-am
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Angola Chenj-am

Angola na kontri for Africa. Dem blow Portuguese, Umbundu, Kimbundu, na Kikongo. Angola ste bai Namibia, Democratic Republic of di Congo, na Zambia.

Di Prezident dey João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço.

History[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Portugal don take Angola for 1574. Di Nederlands don take di kontri for 1641, but Portugal don take it back for 1648. E don get independence for 1975.