Yemi Alade

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Yemi Alade
Man abi wumanwuman Chenj-am
Kontri wey e kom fromNaija Chenj-am
Nem for lokal langwejYemi Alade Chenj-am
Orijina nemYemi Eberechi Alade Chenj-am
Fest nemYemi Chenj-am
Famili nemAlade Chenj-am
Wen dem bon am13 March 1989 Chenj-am
Ples wey dem bon amNaija Chenj-am
Fest langwejYoruba Langwej Chenj-am
Langwej wey e fit tok, rait abi yuz hand tokEnglish langwej, Naijá langwej Chenj-am
Wok wey e dey dusinga, pesin wey dey rait song, musician, actor Chenj-am
Pat of wok wey e put mindsinging Chenj-am
Wie e go skulUniversity of Lagos Chenj-am
Wen e stat wok2005 Chenj-am
Eye kolorbrown Chenj-am
Hair kolorblack hair Chenj-am
Instrumentvoice Chenj-am
Stai of song abi fimAfrican popular music Chenj-am
Official website Chenj-am
Personal pronounL484 Chenj-am

Yemi Eberechi Alade (dem bon am for 13 March 1989), na Naija singa, artress, an persin wey dey fait for pipu.Na she win di Peak Talent Show wey dey do for 2009 na afta she win dey cal am for Effizy Music Group mak she kon sign. Pipu sabi di song wey she do wey bi Johnny for 2014.Na sins dat time pipu don sabi am wel Wel for music dey stil no am as big singa for Africa. Wen shi do King of Queen an Mama Africa: album di two album sel wel wel, na dat one mak am go Oyibo kontri. Alade drop King of Queen wey bi ha album for 2 october 2014, inside dat album na em shi sing song wey bi Johnny wey mak pipu sabi am wel wel an anoda one wey bi Kissing, Tangerine an Taking Over Me wey shi sing wit anoda singa Phyno. Dat her album dey among album wey dem put do awod as Album of the year for 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Awards an for di 2015 Headies Awards on 25 March 2016.Alade drop di nomba 2 Album wey bi "Mama Africa wey get songs lik Na Gode", " TumBum" an "Ferrari". "Mama Africa" win awod as album wey get beta gbedu pass for 2016 "Independent Music Awards". Na she win for di MTV African Music Awards as di woman singa wey sing pas for di year 2015 an 2016 togeda an stil cal her nem as singa wet sing Pas for 2015,na dat one mak am first woman singa wet win d MAMAs as woman singa wey sing Pas an stil cal her nem for singa wey sing Pas for di year.Fo 2015,Alade bi di first woman fo Africa wey her name dey for awod of MTV Europe Music Awards(EMA's) an dey stil cal her nam for BET Awards for Best International Act:Africa for 2015 an 2016.Pipu salut Yemi for di way she dey Kari bodi wen she parfom for sho,dem stil respet am on top di way shedey wear klot even pipu respet am as she dey do for her music video.She win awod for The Headies Award for Best Performer two times, for 2018 an 2019.Na Wen dey first stat dat kain awod na she first win am.Na Alade bi di nomba 2 person wey dey sing dat kain her song Afrobeat for Nigeria wey still bi woman wey pipu see her video forYoutube 100 million times afta her na Davido.Na she get di rekod for woman wey dey sing wey pipu see her vieo Pas for YouTube for one day wey bi 100 million persin. Alade yuz English,Igbo, Pidgin,Yoruba,French , Swahili an Portuguese dey sing.Pipu sabi am wel Wel for Africa kontri as Mama Africa bikos of di way she dey use difiren langwej dey sing an di way she dey take yuz difiren Africa klot dey yuz sing for musik video.Alade papa na bifo bifo 'Commisioner of police an na yoruba persin em bi, Alade mama na Igbo woman she bi. For June 9 2020, Alade nam dey for di pipu wey go join bodi as ogbonge singa for di wod wey go sing for The Global Goal: Unite for our Future wey di Global Citizen dem arenj mak dem tak tok di bad wok wet Covid 19 don do pipu for Africa an for di wod. For June 27 2020, Yemi Alade sing for Global Goal: Unite for our Future wit som oda ogbonge singa lik Mulic Cyrus,Shakira, J Balvin, Jeniffer Hudson, Coldplay, Usher',Justin Bieber, Quavo, Christine,

How shi tek stat life[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Alade stat wit papa an mama wey kom from difren plaz. Em papa James Alade na commissioner of police for Ondo Stet, Naija, em mama na Helen Uzoma na from Abia Stet, Naija. Yemi tok say she len from em papa an mama koture wey bi Yoruba an Igbo. Alade go Victory Grammar School, Ikeja an Univasiti of Lagos to go len buk, (di two skul dey Lagos) wen she dey len buk for Univasiti of Lagos, Alade go tri em talet for one sho wey bi Peak Talent Show wey kon bi say na she win am, na from dat time pipu dey sabi am for Televishon. Na afta dat one she kon go do kontrat wit Efizzy Music Group.