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ice giant, outer planet, superior planet
Part ofouter Solar System Chenj-am
Named afterUranus, Urania Chenj-am
Demonymuranià, Uranano, Uranian Chenj-am
Locationouter Solar System Chenj-am
Significant eventdiscovery of Uranus, transit of Uranus from Neptune Chenj-am
Catalog code Chenj-am
Discoverer or inventorWilliam Herschel Chenj-am
Time of discovery or invention13 March 1781 Chenj-am
Site of astronomical discoveryBath Chenj-am
Parent astronomical bodySun Chenj-am
NotationUranus symbol Chenj-am
EpochJ2000.0 Chenj-am
Stack Exchange taghttps://astronomy.stackexchange.com/tags/uranus Chenj-am
Unicode character,  Chenj-am

Uranus bi di sevunt planet from di Sun. E bi a gaseous cyan-kolourd ice jaiant. Mos of di planet bi wota, ammonia, and methaen for a supakritikal faez of mata, wey for astronomi bi 'ice' or volatais. Di planet atmosfe get komplex layerd klaud strochor and get di lowes minimum temperashor of 49 K (−224 °C; −371 °F) aut of aul di Sola System planet-dem. E get a makd axial tilt of 82.23° wit a retrograed rotashon period of 17 hauas and 14 minuts. Dis mean say for an 84-Earth-year obital period araund di Sun, e pol-dem get araund 42 years of kontinuous sunlait, wey dey folod bai 42 years of kontinuous daknes.

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