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gas giant, outer planet
Part ofouter Solar System Chenj-am
Named afterSaturn, Wu Xing Chenj-am
Demonymزُحَلِيٌّ, Saturnian, Cronian, Saturnano Chenj-am
Locationouter Solar System Chenj-am
Significant eventplanetary flyby Chenj-am
Parent astronomical bodySun Chenj-am
Notation Chenj-am
EpochJ2000.0 Chenj-am
Stack Exchange taghttps://astronomy.stackexchange.com/tags/saturn Chenj-am
Unicode character🪐,  Chenj-am

Saturn bi di sixt planet from di Sun and di sekond-lajes for di Sola System, afta Jupita. E bi a gas jaiant wit an averaij radius of abaut nain-and-a-haf taims dat of Earth.[1]


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