Babalola Borishade

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Babalola Borishade
Man abi wumanman Chenj-am
Kontri wey e kom fromNaija Chenj-am
Wen dem bon am7 March 1946 Chenj-am
Wen e kpai26 April 2017 Chenj-am
Fest langwejYoruba Langwej Chenj-am
Langwej wey e fit tok, rait abi yuz hand tokEnglish langwej, Yoruba Langwej, Naijá langwej Chenj-am
Wok wey e dey dupolitician, university teacher, engineer, profeso Chenj-am
Post wey e deyMinister of Aviation of Nigeria, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Minister of Education of Nigeria Chenj-am
Wie e go skulTexas A&M University, Obafemi Awolowo University, Victoria University of Manchester Chenj-am

Abraham Babalola Borishade (7 March 1946 – 26 April 2017) na bifor bifor Naija politician. E bi Federal Minister for Naija for four times from 1999 go rish 2011. Pipul sabi am as Electrical engineer, ticha an political strategist.

How e tek stat life[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Borishade attend St. Andrews Primari Skool, Usi Ekiti, and Doherty Memorial Grammar Skool, Ijero Ekiti. For 1971, im graduate from di University of Ife, with First Class Honors in electrical engineering. Afta graduation, Dem employ am as a graduate assistant there.For 1972, Dem giv am Commonwealth Scholarship for a doctorate degree in high-voltage engineering for Victoria University. Im kolet PhD for 1975, and im go bak Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where im launch di Electrical Power Systems degree program and di University of Ife Consultancy Unit, both in di Faculty of Technology.

How e tek wok[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

For 1975, Dem select Borishade to train for di Nuclear and Power Engineering Station for Texas A&M University. Im kolet certificate for Nuclear Power Development. Im still go du more training for di International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna for 1982. Borishade na registered engineer and a memba of di Institute of Electrical Engineers, United Kingdom.Im bi bifor bifor memba of di Nigerian Society of Engineers, American Nuclear Society, and di Science Association of Nigeria. Im bikom Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering for OAU in 1985.Im serve as a memba of di Technical Advisory Committee of di Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Survey. Im bi representative of di congregation for di University Senate, and also Chairman of Project Advisory Committee and University Works and Maintenance Service Monitoring Committee.

How e tek du govment wok[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

For 1988 dem elect Borishade as a Memba of di Constituent Assembly wey go review di 1979 Constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria. Im advocate for di creation of di Nigeria Energy Commission and di Environmental Protection Commission wey later create di Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA), a precursor to di present Ministry of Environment.

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]