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George Floyd

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George Floyd
Man abi wumanman Chenj-am
Kontri wey e kom fromAmerika Chenj-am
Orijina nemGeorge Perry Floyd Jr. Chenj-am
Fest nemGeorge, Perry Chenj-am
Famili nemFloyd Chenj-am
AliasBig Floyd Chenj-am
Wen dem bon am14 October 1973 Chenj-am
Ples wey dem bon amFayetteville Chenj-am
Wen e kpai25 May 2020 Chenj-am
Place of deathMinneapolis Chenj-am
Manner of deathhomicide Chenj-am
Cause of deathasphyxia Chenj-am
Killed byDerek Chauvin Chenj-am
Place of burialHouston Memorial Gardens Chenj-am
Broda an sistaTerrence Floyd Chenj-am
Fest langwejEnglish langwej Chenj-am
Langwej wey e fit tok, rait abi yuz hand tokAmerican English Chenj-am
Place of detentionDiboll Unit Chenj-am
Convicted ofpossession of a controlled substance, theft, trespass, drug trafficking, aggravated robbery Chenj-am
Wok wey e dey dusecurity guard, rapper, truck driver, basketball player, pornographic actor Chenj-am
Wie e go skulJack Yates High School, Ryan Middle School, Texas A&M University–Kingsville Chenj-am
Wie e dey livSt. Louis Park, Minneapolis Chenj-am
Member of sports teamTexas A&M–Kingsville Javelinas men's basketball Chenj-am
E pipulAfrican Americans Chenj-am
Wearssleeveless shirt, tracksuit bottoms, dress sock Chenj-am
Medical conditionCOVID-19 Chenj-am
Last wordsI can't breathe! i can't breathe Chenj-am
Sportbasketball, American football Chenj-am
Instrumentvoice Chenj-am
Memba ofScrewed Up Click Chenj-am
Stai of song abi fimrapping, hip hop music Chenj-am
Di imej of Floyd for Berlin

George Perry Floyd Jr. (dem bon am for Oktoba 14, 1973 and e kpai for May 25, 2020), wey pipo sabi as George Floyd, na Afrikan-Amerikan man wey one oyibo polis ofisa, Derek Chauvin kpai wen e tanda for Floyd nek for som minis. Plenti pipo no hapi wen e kpai an dis one mek dem ves an wit protes bikos dem wan yuz wetin hapun to George Floyd stop di bad bad tins wey pipo wey black pipo dey faze for Amerika.

Plenti Amerikan pipo, inkludin one Naija relijos figor and bloga Isaiah Ogedegbe,[1] nor hapi wit di way Floyd tek kpai. Dem tink say dis na sahin wey show sey to dey fight black pipo for America neva finish for di kontri. Som pipo kari protes go strits. Meni protes go jejeli. Odas turn to gbege.

For 9 June 2020, Isaiah Ogedegbe show konsan for di kpai of George Floyd and as e dey ves, e kom tok say e si am "as a risent manifestashon of weked racism".[1]

Wie dem gada di tori

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