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Death na wen pesin or livin tins stop to dey halife again. Wen livin tins kpai or die, dey start to dey rottin smol smol. To no wen pesin don kpai or die no bi easi tin. Bifor bifor, pipo tink sey na wen pesin hart no beat again or wen pesin no breath again bi death, but di CPR metod don show sey no bi so bikos pipol stil fit live once more even if dat kind tins hapun.

Oda pipo tok sey na wen di brain don kpai bi sey di pesin don kpai bi dat. Oda pipo no gri wit dis one an dey tok sey even if brain stil dey wok but di pesin oda pat of di bodi wok, di pesin don kpai bi dat.

Meni kolsho biliv sey wen pesin kpai, di pesin go start life for anoda ples an di tinkin bi life afta death. For life afta death, dey biliv sey di pesin go risiv e jojmet weyda e do gud or bad wen e still dey halife for hie. For som ples, pipo dey do difren tins to honor or respet pipo wen do kpai. Som pipo dey do parti, oda pipo dey put faya for dia dead bodi, an odas dey kari di dead bodi go montain an liv di dead bodi for di montain.