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Extraterrestrial laif or alien laif bi laif wey no orijinate from Earth. No extraterrestrial laif don dé konklusively deteted for now. Such laif fit rainj from simpul forms such as prokaryots to intelligent beings, possibly bringing forth civilizashions wen fit dé far moh advans than humanity.[1][2][3] Di Drake equation dé spekulayt abaut di existens of sapient life elsweh for di univas. Di saiens of extraterrestrial laif bi wetin we kom to sabi as astrobiology.

Spekulashion abaut the possibility of inhabited worlds aside from Earth start from antiquity. Early Kristian wraitas diskus di idea of a "plurality of worlds" as elia thinkas such as Demokritus been propos; Augustine referens Epicurus idea of innumerabul worlds "thruaut di boundless immensity of spais" (wen him orijinally express for him Letta to Herodotus) for Di City of God.[4]

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