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Presido of Naija

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Presido of Naija
public office
Subclass ofPresident of the Republic, head of government Chenj-am
Part ofCabinet of Nigeria Chenj-am
Inception1 October 1963 Chenj-am
Official namePresident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chenj-am
Native labelPresident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chenj-am
Official residenceNigerian Presidential Complex Chenj-am
Appointed byelections in Nigeria Chenj-am
OfficeholderBola Tinubu Chenj-am
KontriNaija Chenj-am
Applies to jurisdictionNaija Chenj-am
Substitute/deputy/replacement of office/officeholderVice President of Nigeria Chenj-am
Official websitehttp://www.statehouse.gov.ng/ Chenj-am
Female form of labelpresidenta de Nigeria, prezidentka Nigérie, נשיאת ניגריה, predsednica Nigerije Chenj-am
Has listlist of heads of state of Nigeria Chenj-am

Di Presido of Naija na di head of stet and head of di executive of Naija. Di first Presido of Naija na Nnamdi Azikiwe. Di korent Presido of Naija na Bola Tinubu, since 29 May 2023.