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Femi Paradox

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Femi paradox refa to di diskrepansi between di lak of konklusiv evidens of advansd extraterrestrial laif and di apparently high laiklihood of say e dé.[1][2] As one 2015 atikul put am, "If laif dé so easy, somwan from somweh els for don kom show fais by now."

Italian-American fysicist Enrico Femi nem dé associated with di paradox bekos of wan kashual konvasashion for summa of 1950 with fellow fysicists Edward Teller, Herbert York, and Emi Konopinski. Wahyl dem dé waka ga chop lunch, di men diskus recent UFO reports and di possibility of fasta-than-light travel. Di konvasashion muv on enta other topiks, until during lunch Femi kom ask, "But weh evribodi dé?"

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