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Eastern Obolo

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Eastern Obolo (or Obolo agan̄ Mbum-ura for dem natif Obolo langwej) ma one Local Gorment Area (LGA) for southern Naija. En headquarters dey for Okoroete. The place dey for Akwa Ibom State, and na local gorment wey dey near oshen. Na on 4th December, 1996 wey Federal Gorment of Naija tok sai mek Eastern Obolo no dey share gorment with Ikot Abasi LGA again; mek en stand by en self. Na so dem take give am en own local gorment. People wey live there plenty pass 30,000, and de area big reach 17,000 km². En get 16 villages, wey dem divided into two clans, wey bi Okoroete and Iko. En get ten political wards. All di villages wey dey Eastern Obolo na of di Obolo ethnic group, and dem get common ancestral lineage wey dey make dem live together peacefully.