David Woodard

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David Woodard
Man abi wumanman Chenj-am
Kontri wey e kom fromAmerika, Canada Chenj-am
Nem for lokal langwejDavid Woodard Chenj-am
Fest nemDavid Chenj-am
Famili nemWoodard Chenj-am
Wen dem bon am6 April 1964 Chenj-am
Ples wey dem bon amSanta Barbara Chenj-am
Pesin wey e mariSonja Vectomov Chenj-am
Langwej wey e fit tok, rait abi yuz hand tokEnglish langwej Chenj-am
Wok wey e dey ducomposer, conductor, raita Chenj-am
Wie e go skulUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, San Marcos High School Chenj-am
Work locationAmerika Chenj-am
RilijonBuddhism Chenj-am
Stai of song abi fimpostmodernism Chenj-am
Official website URLhttps://www.davidwoodard.com Chenj-am

David James Woodard (dem bon am for April 6, 1964) na Amerika muzik komposa an raita.[1][2]

How e tek wok[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Pipo know Woodard with di correct work im do for inside Nueva Germania, area wey dey treat women and men equal / dem dey chop only vegetable and na place wia life dey soft with no wahala for inside Paraguay. Im German book wey im title Five Years na join body e take write am with Christian Kracht from Swiss. Di book tok about di better tins wey dem dey do to make life better for pipo wey dey inside Nueva Germania.[3][4]

Buk dem wey you fit rid about dem[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

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