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KontriNaija Chenj-am
Located in the administrative territorial entityEthiope East Chenj-am
Coordinate location5°47′25″N 6°6′17″E Chenj-am
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Chenj-am
Official websitehttp://www.abrakaonline.com:80/ Chenj-am

Abraka na town for Delta State, Nigeria. Abraka na house for two of di main 24 urhobo kingdoms. Abraka kom dey popula because of Delta State University an di main campus of Delta State University dey for di town.

Abraka town na place wey difren kind of wok dey an na main ples for international tourist. Di Abraka beach kom dey popula bikos of di natural flow spring water an e get sport recreational facilities for outdoors activities like canoeing, fishing, swimming, barbeque an picnics.

Tori about di place[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Benin Prince wey e name na Avwraka na im find Abraka according to Abraka oral history. Avwraka (Abraka) na one of di few urhobo socio political units wey di predecessor live only with urhobo ethnic group befor dem settle for Urhoboland. Avwraka na prince for Edo-speaking political group wey come settle near other urhobo pipu. Di pipu wey live for di time of Avwraka (Abraka) wey get di main version of im history talk say e get two boys wey dere name na Aghwa and Ivie. Dem be distant ancestors of Umiaghwa and Oruarivie of Avwraka today.

Di main settlement of Abraka today na dem be: Ekrejeta, Ajalomi, urhuoka, Uruovie, Oria, Urhuagbesa, Umeghe, Otri (na di descendants of Oruarivie) Otorho-Avwraka (Avwraka inland) Dis na di traditional headquarters.

Di construction wey link di road from Agbo pass Abraka to sapele for 1901 increase di commercial activities and population for Abraka. For May 6 1978 di whole of Abraka pipu come together say make dem turn Abraka to kingdom like most urhobo kingdoms.

Dey decide to make chief David Oghenegueke Dafe as deir Ovie (king) and chief Joseph Ajarho Atagana from Umiaghwa as deir Otota (spokesman). D recent history show say Avwraka (Abraka) don reach to divide di kingdom into Umiagwa Abraka and Oruarive Abraka kingdom. After di two separate Avwraka (Abraka) kingdoms Now dem form vital part wey be Ethiope-East local Government Area of Delta State wey di polity dey don live dere since 1976. Di main pipu wey dey di city of Abraka na di urhobo pipu.

Di kind weather wey dey dia[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Abraka get tropical wet and dry climate wey get long wet season and di temperature mostly dey constant truout di course of di year. Abraka wet season dey run from March go reach October. But because of August brake di wet season nearly become two wet season di remaining months for di city form di dry season. Like for good portion for West Africa di months of November go reach February na di months wey Abraka dey experience harmattan.

Different-different school wey dey dia[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Abraka na house for University of Delta state Abraka. For 1992 dem establish Dealt state university and di main campus dey for town of Abraka and di oder campus dey Anwai Asaba. For 1995 di university make small amendment wey make dem bring out anoder campus for Oleh. Di university dey run Multi-campus system with three campuses wey get distance of about 200km apart. Currently di university get students of about 36000 (for 2007/08 session) di university dey do different programmes from di full certificate, diploma, and weekend degree programmes.

Di university dey offer post graduate studies go reach doctorial level. D staff/students counseling centre, e-learning centre, students accommodation and sport facilities with oder available support services.

Different-different place wey pipu fit visit for dia[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Abraka na favourite place for domestic and international tourism abraka attract many domestic and international tourists. Abraka Rivotel come dey popular because of di natural flowing spring water and e get recreational facilities for outdoor activities. Abraka Turf and country club nestles for di Delta state university town for Abraka.

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]