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Di UK (English: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) or Britain na free stet for Europe. E dey get four kontri-dem: England, Scotland, Wales, an Northern Ireland. Na English dem dey tok. Di kontri na for di Atlantic Ocean. Dem get kwin. Di pawa no plenti like bifo again. Di Parliament and di courts na dem dey get pawa pas. Di king wey dey rule now na Charles III, an di Prime Minister kom be Rishi Sunak.

Histri[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Dem don dey yuz di ful nem United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland fest for 1945, wey be di year wey di kontri join di UN. Di Royal Titles Act 1953 don mek di name official.

Unions an annexations[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Di four kontri-dem don get in di UK for different taims.

Æthelstan don unite di Kingdom of Ingland for 927.

Di King for Ingland don take Wales for di middle ages. Edward I don invade for 1277, na di war don end for 1283. Afterwards, some land for Wales don be ruled by Edward, na oda land be ruled by di supporters of Edward. Di Statute of Rhuddlan (1284) don say di land for Edward be "annexed and united" to di Inglish crown, but no be part of Kingdom of Ingland. For 1536, Henry VIII don mek union between Wales na Ingland.

Scotland don get united with Ingland with di Treaty of Union (1707).

Ireland don get united with Ingland with di Acts of Union 1800. Dem don be two acts wey don get passed by di Parliament of Great Britain na di Parliament of Ireland.

Most of Ireland don get independence for 1922. Northern Ireland don remain part of di UK.