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Stephen Keshi

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Stephen Keshi[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Dem bon Stephen Okechukwu Keshi for 23 January 1962. For 7 June 2016, im be one of di player for Naija football club and na manager too. Na defender Im be wen e be dey play ball for Naija foot ball team, and E get 60 caps for Naija national team, na im make am be di Naija second player wey get cap well well for di time wey e retire. E represent Naija for 1994 FIFA World Cup and for the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations, For Dat time wey Super Eagle win, na im be captain of dem. E play for klub for country wey reach five, E play for Belgium club well well, where im win di Belgian league championship with R.S.C. Anderlecht for 1991. Keshi na manager wey dey lucky to qualify for Togo FIFA World Cup wey e show face for their for im histori for 2006. But im later comot for di position for di tournament and dem com carri Otto Pfister put for e position. And E com later be coach for im contri wey be Naija, na for their e take be one for the two pesins wey be Mahmoud ElGohary, wey win diAfrica Cup of Nations wen e bin dey as player and wen e bin coach. Afta Im playing Karia for klub where e win the Belgian league championship wit R.S.C. Anderlecht in 1991. E come go for im coach training for United States.

Im Karia wen E be Coach[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

  • For 1996, Augustine Eguavoen wey don be coach for Naija football team before com join am. Dem play togeda for California as backbone for di short-lived Sacramento Scorpions.
  • Keshi don be staff coach for Naija foot ball team, and na head coach Im be for di Junior Eagles for the 2001 African Youth Championship wey make dem qualify for di 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship wey dem no win am.
  • For 2004 go reach 2006 Keshi be coach for di Togo national team, and na surprise e be for dem for di number one time wey dem fit show face for di World Cup tournament, Germany 2006 wen Im be dia coach. Togo com change am wit one coach wey com from Germany wey be Otto Pfister becos of say E no meet up wit dem want from am, before dem go di World Cup finals, wit how Togo show dia self for strong way, dem later fail for di knock out stage for di 2006 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt. Pfister no com teh for Togo coach wen e be say na one World Cup campaign wey nealy reach not to pay am again, im com comot, and Togo com just dey like dat reach February 2007 wen dem call Keshi back for di friendly match wit Cameroon.
  • E com gree to be manager for two year for Mali national team wen dem don collect am for April 2008. Dem comot Keshi as manager for Mali national team for 2010 wen Mali quick drop for di group stage for 2010AfricaCup of Nations.
  • For 2011, Keshi com be coach for Naija national team. E com make dem to fit go for di 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and dem beat Burkina Faso wit 1–0 for di final. For di second day Keshi drop Im letter say Im wan resign, but e com later change e mind and e no resign again. Na dat one com make am fit carri Naija team go for di 2013 Confederations Cup, dem com beat Tahiti 6-1, and Uruguay com beat dem 2-1 for di second game, and Spain com beat dem 3-0 for di World Cup winners, for dia final group game.
  • For 16 November 2013, Keshi make Naija qualify to fit go play di 2014 World Cup afta dem don win Ethiopia 4-1 for dia aggregate for dia play-off.
  • For Africa, Keshi make a record to be di first coach to qualify for two nation wey wey (Naija and Togo) wey qualify to go for di World Cup Finals for 2005 and for 2013. Im still help Naija to be di number one country for Africa to collet di African Cup of Nations Trophy and qualify for World Cup for 2013. Naija com try reach di stage of knockout for 2014 World Cup. Dem start di World Cup wit 0-0 draw wit Iran, And dem win Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0. Argentina come beat dem 3-2 for di final group stage, but dem still make am to di knockout stage afta dem wit 3-1 over Iran. France com win di Super Eagle for di first knockout round. Na afta di match Keshi com talk say Im don resign to be Super Eagle coach, but Im no com later resign again wen di Naija Football Federation com sign anoda new contract wit am. For di Morocco 2015 African Cup of Nations Im team no so well for dia, na e com make e talk say Im wan resign for coach work go look for anoda work to do if to say the pressure dey plenti for am more more from som bad mouth pipu wey e no mention dia name becos dem de try spoil e name. But Im com later talk say dat one no go make am stop to be di Naija coach, becos e get love for di team and e country wey be Naija.
  • Afta di Naija team be don come back from World Cup for July 2014, na im di contract wey Keshi get wit di Naija Football Federation finish and dem no renew am again. Di NFF Executive Committee com talk say dia decision na afta dem don check Im report and look Im matter well well for di NFF Disciplinary Committee and for di NFF Technical and Development Committee wey dem chek well for di tins dem wey Stephen Keshi don do and for e performance wen Im be dey as Super Eagles' Head Coach, NFF see say Im no put bodi for di work well wey go don make e fit get wetin di Federation want wen dey be wan give am di contract of coach.

Im Personal Life[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Dem born Keshi for on di 23 January 1962 for Azare wey be one Citi for Bauchi State. Im grow for Illah for Oshimili North Local Government Area for Delta State and na Igbo pipu area. Na Saint Paul's Catholic Nursery and Primary School, for Apapa Road, Lagos State e go. For 1976, E com enta Saint Finbarrs' College for Akoka, Lagos State. Keshi marri Im wife wey her name na Kate (née Aburime) for 30 years. She com die on di 10 December 2015, on top say she get one bad sickness wey dem dey call cancer and na for three years she take fight wit di bad sickness before she com die put, Dem bon four pikin. Dia senior pikin na Kos Keshi wey dey play football. Keshi com get heart attack and e die for road wen dem be dey cari am go hospital for 7 June 2016 for Benin City, na 54 years e dey wen e die. E wife die for last December. Google com give Keshi honor wit doodle as wetin e suppos collect wen e be wan do im 56 years birthday.

Im Beta Example[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Google honor Keshi wit doodle wetin sopos be for im 56 years birthday. Honors.

Wia E don play wen e be player[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

New Nigeria Bank

West African Club Championship: 1983, 1984

Stade d'Abidjan Coupe Houphoet Boigny: 1985

Africa Sports

Côte d'Ivoire Premier Division: 1986

Côte d'Ivoire Coupe:1986

West African Club Championship:1986

Coupe Houphoet Boigny:1986


Belgian First Division: 1986–87, 1990–91 Belgian Cup: 1988–89, 1989–90 Belgian Supercup: 1987 European Cup Winners' Cup: 1989-90 (runners-up) Bruges Matins: 1988


Africa Cup of Nations: 1994 Nigeria Africa Cup of Nations: 2013 Confederations of African Football – African Coach of the Year 2013.

Wia we see pruf[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]