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A ray of lait dé refrakted for a plastik blok

For fysiks, refrakshion bi di ridairekshion of a wave as e pas from wan medium to anoda. Di ridairekshion fit dé kausd bai di chenj in di wave spid or bai a chenj in di medium.[1] Refrakshion of lait bi di mos komonli obsavd fenomenon, but other waves such as saund waves and wata waves also dé experiens refrakshion. Haw moch a wave dé refrakted dé detamaiynd bai di chenj in wave spid and di inishial dairekshion of wave propagashion relativ to di direkshion of chenj in spid.

Refrakshion of lait for di intafais between tuw media of different refraktiv indisis, with n2 > n1. Since di feiz velociti dé lowa for di sekond medium (v2 < v1), di angul of refrakshion θ2 dé les than di angul of incidens θ1; dat is, di ray for di haia-index medium dé klosa to di normal.
Wen a wave dé muv into a slowa medium di wavefronts ga get kompresd. For di wavefronts to stay konnekted at di baundri di wave must chenj dairekshion.
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