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Subclass ofstate, social issue Chenj-am
Has causeurban decay Chenj-am
Has effectpeople in poverty, H Chenj-am
Studied insociology of poverty Chenj-am
Contributing factor ofhomelessness Chenj-am
Connects withfeminization of poverty Chenj-am
Handled, mitigated, or managed bypoverty reduction Chenj-am
ICPC 2 IDZ01 Chenj-am
Opposite ofwealth Chenj-am
A boi dey luk for fud for dosbin for Jakarta, Indonesia
A wuman wey nor get haus for one strit for Rome

Poverty min wen pesin nor get enof moni for bezik nids such as fud, drinking wota, shelta, or toletris. Meni pipul for difren kontris dey live in povati, espeshali for developing arias of West and Sub-Saharan Afrika, Latin Amerika, Karibian and som parts of Asia.

E get difren ways to measure povati. Di World Bank tok say povati na wen pesin get les dan US$1 a day to live on. Moderate povati na wen pipul live on les dan $2 a day. For di year 2001, 1.1 bilion pipul dey extrimli poor, and 2.7 bilion dey moderateli poor.

For di developed world, dis nor dey hapun. For dia, dem dey si meni pipul as di woking poor. Dem get wok, but di moni dem dey kolet nor dey enof for bezik tins such as fud and a hom. For most developed kontris, pipul wey nor get wok dey kolet moni fom di Govament, but di moni smol wel-wel and e nor rish to buy beta tins wey fit mek laif komfortebol.

For di developing kontris of di world, ogbonge povati don mek meni young pipul to dey do bad-bad tins.[1] Akording to Isaiah Ogedegbe for April 19, 2023, povati nor bi excuse for young pipul to dey live a laif of krime.[1]

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

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