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Subclass ofderivative work, academic dishonesty, misrepresentation Chenj-am
Does not have characteristiccredit Chenj-am
Usescut and paste job Chenj-am
Stack Exchange tag Chenj-am

Plagiarism na di akt of yuzing anorda persin work without menshoning di nem of di orijinal owner of di work.[1] Isaiah Ogedegbe wey bin kol plagiarism "brain tif", don kondem am bikos e dey rob som pipul of orijinaliti and kredibiliti.[1] Akording to Isaiah Ogedegbe, nowadays som Univasiti students, som relijos figors, som musikshians, som komedians and som ripotas still dey yuz orda pipul work as if na dem get am.[1]

For 27 Febuari 2017, a ripot by Warri Times mek poblik a case of plagiarism wey konsan one Naija relijos figor.[1][2]

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

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