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Inception1550 Chenj-am
KontriNaija Chenj-am
Located in the administrative territorial entityAnambra State Chenj-am
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Chenj-am
Coordinate location6°10′0″N 6°47′0″E Chenj-am
Twinned administrative bodyCompton Chenj-am
Postal code430... Chenj-am
Local dialing code046 Chenj-am

Onitsha na one town wey dey for di Easta aria of Riva Niger wey dey inside Anambra Stet for Naija. Pipu wey dey live an du bizness for Onitsha plenti wel-wel an difren difren maket wey dem de make difren tins full Onitsha. Na inside Onitsha di main maket wey dem dey kol "Onitsha Main Maket" dey.

How Onitsha tek stat[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Bifor bifor, dem no "Onitsha mmili" as "Onitsha Ado na Idu".Dis Igbo town don de dia for meni years bifor dem pak fom Riva Niger kom go live for inside Onitsha kommuniti. Wen dem rish di East-bank, dem kom stat to kom togeda an smol smol dem kom fom one kindom. Dem chenj fom pipul wey jost bi roya vilej to pipul wey odas pupil wey no bi loya vilej stil kom fit stey.

How Onitsha tek popula[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Smol smol, Onitsha kom bi impotat tradin park for "Royal Niger Company " for mid-1980s. Afta dey stop to dey sel pipul as slave bikos of stim enjin wey dey transport pipul from Europe move into di hinterland.To sel an bai pam-kanel an pam-oil an odas plant kom inkris for di koast wey dey kol "Bight of Biafra" halong di Riva side for 19th century. For di year 1857, British pam-oil trada fom dia stashion for di siti an di Kristen missionari join dem for di bizness. Di pipul wey dey lid di kristen missionari na Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder an Reverend John Taylor. For year wey bi 1900, Onitsha kom bi pat of di aria wey British Govament dey protet. British government an Kristen missionari enta Igbo-land kom bi administrative for skul an choch araund Riva port inside Onitsha. For year wey bi 1965, dem build di Niger-Riva Bridge to riples di yuz of boat to kross di wota.Dis one kom mek bayii an Selina wit Westa Naija wasi an koneshion wit Binin siti an Legos kom dey posibu.Di Naija sivu war skata meni tins for Onitsha bikos na fom Onitsha Westa dorar tek enta Biafra.Di oil bizness wet hapun in di 1970 an earli 1980s mek meni pipul mov to Onitsha.As pipul dey plenti for Onitsha, dey kom stat to build enihow house for di town an dis one kom mek di livin kondishion for Onitsha bad wel wel.

Onitsha Pipul an díá Kolshor[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Onitsha bin get nine vilej wey Dem no as "Ebo-Itenani".Dis pipul kom fom Umuezechima wey get Isiokwe, Olosi, Umuezearoli, Okebunabo, Obikporo an Ogbeotu wey sey dia orijin na fom Igala for inside Kogi Stet, Awada (Ogbeozoma), Obamkpa wey stil get Umuasele, Iyiawu and Odoge-Ndugbe, an Odumegwu-Gbuagu, Ubulu na Ikem, Ulutu, Ubene, Ogboli-Eke, Obior and Ogbeotu. For di grup, dem get six Administrative wards wey dem dey kol: Okebunabo, Umuezearoli, Ogbeolu, Isiokwe na Ogboli Olosi, Obamkpa, and Eke na Ubeme. Onitsha dey operate tradishonal sistem of govamet wey dia lida na Obi. Di Obi get pipul wey dey assist am wey dia taitu bi Ndi-Ichie, Red cap eldas or shifs. Amov di Ndi-Ichie, we get di Ndi-Ichie Ume wey bi di fest klass shifs. Dem put Ndi-Ichie into six katigori, dem bi: Onowu Iyasele, Ajie Ukadiugwu, Odu Osodi, Onya Ozoma, Ogene Onira and Owelle Osowa. Onowu Iyasele na im bi di tradishional Prime Minista. Dem stil get sekod klass Ndi-Ichie wey bi Ndi-Ichie Okwa an third klass Ndi-Ichie wey bi Ndi-Ichie Okwareze. Di Ndi-Ichie dey saf as kansu of advaisa to di Obi.Enitime wey di Obi wan mek eni disison wey go konsain di kindom, e go kol di Ndi-Ichie for advais. Wen Obi kpai, na di Onowu-Iyasele go tek control onti dey chuz anoda Obi. Once every year for di month of October, di kingdom of Onitsha de hold one festival wey dem dey call Ofala Festival. Dis festival dey happen di same time wey many part of Igbo-land dey celebrate dia New yam festival. Dis na one way wey di pipu of Onitsha de take keep dia culture alive and e don become big festival as pipu from different-different part of di world de come see am.

Geography[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Onitsha dey for di East-west crossing point of di Niger River and e still de cover di north part wey big-big ship de pass. For di past, na dis things make Onitsha a major centre for buying and selling between di coastal regions and di north and between di eastern and Western Nigeria. Onitsha get one of di few roads wey mile-wide Niger-River. Plan still dey on ground to create a second bridge near am. Di fast growth for di number of pipu wey de move to Onitsha don get bad effect on di natural vegetation and di general view of di land-scape.

How di place take turn to city[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

For early 1960s, before the Nigerian Civil war( check Biafra war) the total number of pipu wey dey for Onitsha na 76,000 according to census record. Onitsha town dey different in many ways,the great Chinua Achebe ( wey Dem born and raised for the town of Ogede) describe Onitsha as town wey get "esoteric region from which creativity sallies forth at will to manifest itself" "a zone of occult instability"(check Onitsha matters). Onitsha don really play important role for the creative change of urban life for eastern Nigeria wey de known as the setting for Onitsha market literature and one of the financing centre and distributor of Nollywood films for Nigeria. As the number of pipu de increase, building and housing problem come dey. Pipu come de build any how without proper zoning and arrangements this one come make catacata and over crowding for house with lawlessness come plenty. According to the World Health Organization Global urban Ambient Air pollution record update of 2016, Onitsha na im get pollution pass for Africa. For recent times, as Onitsha start to expand enter other community arround am,them don start to get land ownership dispute with pipu of Obosi and Nkweche Ezunka. Fegge, Woliwo, Odoakpu, Awada, and 3-3 na the Metropolitan areas Onitsha dey drag with the communities of Obosi and Nkwelle Ezunanka.

How biznes be for dia[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

For 2012, the state government form a joint Venture wey bring SAB Miller Brewery come invest for Onitsha Brewery wey start for August 2012. Na the first big investment for inside Onitsha since when them establish Premier Brewery wey be the maker of Premier beer for the early part of1980. For January they announce sey if them upgrade the brewery with $110million, production of beer and malt drinks go triple.

Religion and Politics[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Na Christianity almost everybody for Onitsha dey practice. Some persons from northern and western Nigeria dey practice Islam. For February 2006,armed militant kill up 24 ethnic Hausa Fulani(Muslim) and burn some Muslim sites and two mosques building. Wetin cause this one na the riot wey happen for Maiduguri wey be Muslim city. For that riot them kill at least 18 Christian and na the cartoon controversy for Denmark na im cause the riot for Maiduguri.