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construct, political concept
Subclass ofgroup of humans Chenj-am
Part ofhumanity Chenj-am

Nation na meni meni pipul wey get di same koshuo,Tori, langwej or bodi. We fit also tok am as pipul wey dey stey di same kontri an Govment.

Di wod "Nation" kom fom one wod for Latin langwej wey di meni na "to bon pikin or "di ples wey dey bon you. Di hajetive na National. Some nashions dey wey get pipul wey dem get one belif, like di Vatican Citi, or pipul wey get di same bodi, like di Amenia pipul. Oda pipul dey share Idia, like Democrasi for United States or Kommunism for China.

Smol grop wey get all di pawa, na dem dey kontro som nashion like Saudi Arabia, na dem dey yuz di pawa wey dem get to hold di nashion togeda.

Di pawa wey hi pass for meni nashion na konstitushion, wey bi dokument wey de tel di kain pawa wey di pipul wey dey rul get an how dem go niu law.