Mount Everest

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Mount Everest
mountain, tourist attraction
Part ofHimalayas, Seven Summits, eight-thousander, ultra-prominent peak Chenj-am
Named afterGeorge Everest Chenj-am
ContinentAsia Chenj-am
KontriNepal, People's Republic of China Chenj-am
Located in the administrative territorial entitySolukhumbu District, Tibet Chenj-am
Mountain rangeMahalangur Himal Chenj-am
Coordinate location27°59′18″N 86°55′30″E Chenj-am
Parent peakno value Chenj-am
Located in protected areaSagarmatha National Park Chenj-am
History of topictimeline of Mount Everest expeditions Chenj-am
Significant placeEverest Base Camp (North, Tibet), Everest Base Camp (South, Nepal), Base Camp II Chenj-am
Peak bagging classificationeight-thousander Chenj-am
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Mount Everest Chenj-am

Mount Evarest na di monten wey hi pas for di wold. E dey for one ples wey get bandri bitwin China an Nepal, an e tol rich 8,848.86m (29,031.7ft). Na di govament wey dey China an Nepal tok di meshoment for 2020. Na bikos of how Mount Evarest tol rich mek plenti pipul wey dia wok na to klaimb monten an oda pipul trai to klaimb am. Dis monten get two koret rod wey dem dey folo klaimb am. Di fest one na rod wey fez South for Nepal wey dem dey kol standard route wey bi di beta rod, an di sekond rod dey for North side for di smol siti for Tibet for China. Evun as e bi sey di beta road standard route no tu get plenti wahala to fit kliamb di maunten, na plenti danger dey for di oda road dem to tek kliamb di maunten like, strong wind, iceblok and oda wahala dem. Until di year 2019, pipul wey don pas 300 don die ontop di maunten an their bodi stil dey there. Pipul wey dia wok na to de kliamb maunten fom Britain bi di fest Pipul for rekod wey don trai to kliamb di maunten rish top kpatakpata. For dat time, di kontri of Nepal no giv stranja shans to enta their kontri, na dis one mek pipul we dey kliamb maunten from Britain go pas di road we dey for Tibet for China. For 1921, pipul from Britain try to kliamb am and dem rish di ples wey hi rish 7000m (22,970ft) for north side. Afta one year for 1922, di same pipul from Britain stil try kliamb am pas wia dem rish bifor. Dem rish 8,320m (26,247ft). Dis na di fest time wey enibodi go go up pas 8,000m (26,247ft). For 1924, somtin wey rili konfus pesin hapun wen dem dey kliamb di maunten an na somtin wey no neva de klear rish today. George Mallory an Andrew Irvine trai for di las taim to rish di top kpatakpata for June 1924, bot dem no kom bak. Dis wan kom kos plenti agument weda na dem fest rish di top or no bi dem. Tenzing Norgay an Edmund Hillary go dia fest jonni wey di kontri giv dem pamishon to kliamb di maunten Evarest for 1953. Dem pas di koret road standard route wey dey for Nepal.Norgay don fest climb di maunten rish 8,595m (28,199ft) for 1952, wen Im an oda pipul fom di same kontri for Swiss kliamb am.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

Tenzing an Hillary klamb Rish up Kpatakpata[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

For di year 1953, pipul wey dey kliamb maunten from Britain kom bak Nepal for di 9th time wit their oga John Hunt to try rish di top. Hunt selet two (2) pipul wey dem nem na Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans. Dem kliamb am and e remain smol like 100m (330ft) to rish di top for May 26 1953, bot dey kom bak bikos dem no get briz again. Two (2) days afta, Edmund Hillary wey kom fom New Zealand an Tenzing Norgay wey kom fom Nepal kliamb di maunten rish di top kpatakpata for (11:30) May 29, 1953. Afta som years don pas, Tenzing tok sey na Hillary fest put im leg for di top bifor am. Dem wait tek picture bifor dey kom daun. Di time wey di nuiz rish di queen Elizabeth II for Britain eye, E sey mek dey honor dem.

Oda Names Wey Dem Dey Kol Maunt Evarest[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Maunt Evarest for Tibet langwej na Qomolangma wey mean Holi Moda. Dem write dis nem down for di fest time for China langwej for 1721 di time wey Emperor Kangxi Qing of China dey rul. Anoda nem for di maunten for China langwej—— na Shèngm ǔ Fēng (Holi Moda pik), Deodungha (Holi Maunten). But dey don komot all dis nem dem for 1952. For di stat of 1960, Nepal giv am one nem wey bi Sagarmāthā or Sagar-martha. Di nem mean di head of di sky. Sagar na skai and māthā na head for Nepal languej.

Wia wi Si pruf[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]