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Jèrriais ; wey dem also sabi as di Jersey langwej, Jersey French and Jersey Norman French for English) bi a Romans langwej and di tradishional langwej of di Jersey pipo. E bi a form of di Norman langwej wey dem dé spik for Jersey, an island for di Channel Islands archipelago off di koast of France. E klosest relativs bi di other Norman langwejis, such as Guernésiais, wey neighbouring Guernsey dé spik, and di other langues d'oïl.

Use of Jèrriais don dé deklayn ova di past century, as English don inkreasingly bekom di langwej of edukayshion, kommers and administrashion on Jersey. Few pipo dé who dé spik Jèrriais as a mama tong and, owing to di age of di remaining spikas, their nombas dekrease annually. Despite dis, efforts dé made to kip di langwej alaiv.

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