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sovereign state, archipelagic state, constitutional republic, island country, presidential system, country
Part ofMIKTA, Southeast Asia, United Nations, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Chenj-am
Inception17 August 1945 Chenj-am
Native labelNegara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia Chenj-am
Participant inASEAN cable system Chenj-am
Named afterIndian subcontinent Chenj-am
Official languageIndonesian Chenj-am
AnthemIndonesia Raya Chenj-am
Cultureculture of Indonesia Chenj-am
MottoBhinneka Tunggal Ika Chenj-am
Motto textBhinneka Tunggal Ika, Wonderful Indonesia Chenj-am
ContinentAsia, Insular Oceania Chenj-am
KontriIndonishia Chenj-am
CapitalJakarta Chenj-am
Located in or next to body of waterIndian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Celebes Sea, Arafura Sea Chenj-am
Located in/on physical featureSoutheast Asia Chenj-am
Coordinate location2°0′0″S 118°0′0″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of easternmost point9°7′37″S 141°1′10″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of northernmost point5°54′0″N 95°13′12″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of southernmost point11°0′27″S 122°52′29″E Chenj-am
Coordinates of westernmost point5°43′26″N 95°0′40″E Chenj-am
Highest pointPuncak Jaya Chenj-am
Lowest pointIndian Ocean Chenj-am
Basic form of governmentrepublic Chenj-am
Office held by head of statePresident of Indonesia Chenj-am
Head of stateJoko Widodo Chenj-am
Office held by head of governmentPresident of Indonesia Chenj-am
Head of governmentJoko Widodo Chenj-am
Executive bodyGovernment of Indonesia Chenj-am
Legislative bodyPeople's Consultative Assembly Chenj-am
Highest judicial authoritySupreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia Chenj-am
Central bankBank Indonesia Chenj-am
Public holidayIndependence Day of Indonesia Chenj-am
Currencyrupiah Chenj-am
Driving sideleft Chenj-am
Electrical plug typeEuroplug, Schuko Chenj-am
Studied inindonesiology Chenj-am
Official website Chenj-am
Described at URL Chenj-am
HashtagIndonesia Chenj-am
Top-level Internet Chenj-am
Main regulatory textConstitution of Indonesia, Law of the Republic of Indonesia Chenj-am
Flagflag of Indonesia Chenj-am
Coat of armsNational emblem of Indonesia Chenj-am
Geography of topicgeography of Indonesia Chenj-am
Has characteristicpartly free country Chenj-am
History of topicHistory of Indonesia Chenj-am
Railway traffic sideright Chenj-am
Open data portalIndonesian Data in One Portal Chenj-am
Economy of topiceconomy of Indonesia Chenj-am
Demographics of topicdemographics of Indonesia Chenj-am
Mobile country code510 Chenj-am
Country calling code+62 Chenj-am
Trunk prefix0 Chenj-am
Emergency phone number112 Chenj-am
GS1 country code899 Chenj-am
Licence plate codeRI Chenj-am
Maritime identification digits525 Chenj-am
Unicode character🇮🇩 Chenj-am
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Indonesia Chenj-am

Indonesia,[1][2] (ɪndoˈnesia) wey ofishali bi di Repoblik of Indonesia, bi di ofishal nem wey dey in yuz pas, dou di nem Unitari Staet of di Repoblik of Indonesia (Negara Kesatuan Repoblik Indonesia, NKRI) also dey apia for som ofishal dokuments.}} bi wan kontri for Sauteas Asia and Oceania bitwin di Indian and Pacifik ocean. E dey konsis of ova 17,000 ailands, inkludin Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and pats of Borneo and Niu Gini. Indonesia bi di lajes ailand kontri for di wold and di 14th-lajes kontri bai erea, at 1,904,569 km². Wit ova 279 milion pipo, Indonesia bi di foht-mos populous kontri for di wold and di mos populous Muslim-maejoriti kontri. Java, wey bi di mos populous ailand for di wold, bi hom to moh than haf of di populaeshon of di kontri.

Indonesia bi a presidenshal repoblik wit elected lejislaechor. E get 38 provins, of which nain get speshal autonomous status. Di kontri kapital, Jakarta, bi di sekond-mos populous oban erea. Indonesia dey shia land bodas wit Papua Niu Gini, Eas Timor, and di eastan pat of Malaysia, as well as maritaim bodas wit Singapo, Vietnam, Tailand, di Filippins, Austrelia, Palau, and India. Despait e laj populaeshon and densli populaeted rejions, Indonesia get vast erea of wildanes wit di sekond-haies levul of baiodaivasiti for di wold afta Brazil.

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