Good Friday

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Good Friday
public holidays in France, Christian holy day, public holidays in Norway, public holidays in Sweden, public holidays in Switzerland, public holidays in Austria, public holidays in Greece, public holiday in the Czech Republic, public holidays in Germany, public holidays in Sabah, public holidays in Australia
Subclass ofFriday Chenj-am
Part ofPaschal Triduum Chenj-am
Named afterFriday Chenj-am
Bifor amMaundy Thursday Chenj-am
Afta amHoly Saturday Chenj-am
Dey rimembaCrucifixion of Jesus Chenj-am
Colorviolet, black Chenj-am
Day in year for periodic occurrenceEaster − 2 days Chenj-am
Day of weekFriday Chenj-am
HashtagKarfreitag, GoodFriday Chenj-am

Good Friday na di rilijos holide wey kristen evriwie dey do to fit rimemba di sofa an di way Jesus tek kpai. Na dorin di holi week dem dey do am as pat of Paschal Triduum, ( three day pratis dat stat on Thursday an finish on night bifor Easta). Plenti pipul sabi Good Friday as Holy Friday, Black Friday, or Great an Holy Friday. Dem dey yuz di Friday to rimemba di krusifishon of Jesus Christ, how e tek kpai and how e tek rise fom di dead. Di holiday dey always hapun for di same time as di Jewish holide of Passova.

Memba of meni kristen chorch like Katolik, Methodist, Anglican, Oriental Orthodox, United Protesant, Easta Orthodox, Lutheran, an Presbyterian dey do Good Friday wit fastin an chorch program join. For katolik, Anglican, Methodist, an Lutheran chorch, dem dey stat Good Friday 12PM onti 3PM bikos na dat time Bible tok sey dakness kova di land wen Jesus give e life an kpai on di kross. Pipul wey dey chop Holi kommunion wey dey Moravian Chorch dey go klin wey dey beri dead bodi in Moravian semetri.

Di ril date for Good Friday dey chenj from one year to anoda in Gregorian an Julian kalenda. Kristen wey de Easta an kristen wey de Westa too no agri ova di date wey Easta an Good Friday go bi. Good Friday na holide wey govamet put hand mek pipul dey do in meni kontri of di wold an 12 U.S. stet too.

Some kontri like Germany wey kristen plenti no dey gri mek pipul dey sing or dans dorin Good Friday bikos dem tink sey Good Friday na for pipul to tink of dia life .

Di estimated year of Good Friday na AD 33, by two difren groups, and at fest as AD 34 by Isaac Newton bikos of di difrens bitwin di Biblikal and Julian kalendars.

For Good Friday, 7 April 2023, a Naija relijos figor Isaiah Ogedegbe bin kol on Christians all ova di world to imitate Christ "by loving demselves genuineli".[1] [2]

Wie dem gada di tori[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

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