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Fysiks bi di natural saiens of mata, wey involve di study of mata,{{efn|At di start of Di Feynman Lektures on Fysiks, Richard Feynman offers di atomik hypothesis as di singul most prolifik saientifik koncept.[1]

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  1. Feynman, Leighton & Sands 1963, p. I-2 "If, for some kataklysm, all [] Dem for distroy all saientifik knowledge [save] one sentence [...] which statement go kontain di most infomashion in di fewest words? I believe am is [...] say all things dé made up of atoms – little partikuls wen dé muv araund in perpetual moshion, attrakting each other wen dem dé a little distans apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one anoda ..."