Afang soup

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Afang Soup[chenj-am | chenj-am for orijin]

Afang soup na vegetable soup wey originate from the Efik pipu of de Efik kingdom of Cross River State and de Ibibio pipu of Akwa Ibom in Southern Nigeria. E popular among Nigerians an som parts of Africa. E dey popular among di Ibibio an Anang pipu of Akwa Ibom and Cross river wey don mek dis soup part of their cultural identity. Dem dey serve am at home and fo ceremonies lik wedding, burials, festivals mostly fo di southern part of Nigeria. De soup dey very nutritious an di money wey dem dey use prepare am depend on family needs.

Di ingredients wey dem dey use prepare afang soup bi dis: beef, fish, palm oil, crayfish, pepper, shaki, water leaf, okazi leaf, onions, periwinkle salt and other seasonings.